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Popular Festivals and Traditions in Archena

Spanish name: Fiestas Populares y tradiciones en Archena

Parade of Moors and Christians Archena has a famous carnival and piñata parade with the participation of brass and music bands. The town also celebrates the Patron Saint's Festivities of Corpus Christi and Our Lady of Health either in late May or sometime in June, depending on the year.
Moors and Christians. Moorish and Christian bands march the streets representing exerts of the history of Archena. One of the moments represented is that of the Order of Saint John, when the Commander handed over the charter to the Muslims inhabitants of Archena.
National Folklore Festival "Virgen de la Salud". Dance and singing groups honor the local tradition with their very best performances.
Powder Keg Festival. Commemorating the explosion of a nearby military powder keg on September 1, 1963, that caused severe damages, although luckily no casualties.
Blue Festival. Participants have to throw blue chalk fixer to their rivals while making sure they stay clean! This "blue war" takes place in an area known as Canal del Río Muerto.
Parade of Moors and Christians

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