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Popular Festivals and Traditions in Abarán

Spanish name: Fiestas Populares y tradiciones en Abarán

Giant and Bigheaded Characters In Abarán there are two popular festivities:
The Day of the Child, held on January 6.
Patron Saint's Festivities for San Cosme and San Damián, celebrated in the second half of September.
Flower Battle. Colorful, traditional parade in which participants throw streamers and confetti while local music bands play and fill the air with joy.
Giant and Bigheaded Characters in Abarán. Parade with giants and bigheaded characters from all over Spain bringing fun for people of all ages.
Countryside Float Parade. Representation of some traditional moments of life at the orchard; sampling of typical local food products.
Operetta Sample. Performances of Zarzuela by local and foreign bands. This traditional Spanish operetta is very popular in Abarán.
National Festival of Bagpipe and Drum Bands. Music performances by a number of bagpipe and drum bands.
Giant and Bigheaded Characters

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