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Palace of the counts of San Julián

Calle Lope Gisbert, 6
30800 Lorca, -Murcia-

Spanish name: Palacio de los Condes de San Julián

Palace of the counts of San Julián 17th - 20th Century. Baroque and Eclectic style.
The palace has been renovated on several occasions, incorporating different designs in line with styles of the time. It was the residence of the aristocratic Pérez de Meca family of Lorca. In 1847 Queen Isabella II of Spain bestowe the title Count of San Julián on its owner, Antonio Pérez de Meca y Muso, hence the name of the building.

Its solid stone facade gives it the air of a fort. Over the main entrance there is a coat of arms with the shield supported by two lions. This is a replica of the original located in the tower. The arched windows and the small battlements inspired by the Mosque in Córdoba are decorative details from the 17th and 20th centuries.

Palace of the counts of San Julián
Palace of the counts of San Julián

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