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Murcia's International Folklore Festival

Spanish name: Festival Internacional del Folclore en Murcia

This regional event of tourist interest includes parades and performances by many different folklore groups, which take their colors and happiness onto the streets and squares of the Murcia, which during this festival becomes a meeting point for different cultures and religions.

On the one hand, the city is a huge life stage with many parades and performances by participating folklore groups which flood the streets and squares with joy. On the other hand, Murcia becomes a meeting point for cultures, religions and sensitivities that intertwine with each other and with the people in the city for a few days.

The festival also includes performances by national and international bands, with a number of parallel trendy, modern activities adding a sense of cultural awareness for all citizens who have the chance to know more about our Mediterranean culture and tradition.

Many choir and dance groups perform in the city streets and squares, as well as in the main stage during this festival.  There are also exhibitions complementing the festival's artistic contribution to the city; a seminar in which folklore experts present their studies and ideas; performances by local folklore bands that contribute to disseminating our traditions; readings, declamations, dialogs, etc., dealing with the Mediterranean Region; as well as traditional games and a film and folklore festival.


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