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Molinete Archaeological Park

Calle Honda s/n
30201 Cartagena Telf:  968 500 093

Spanish name: Parque Arquelógio Molinete

Molinete Archaeological Park Parque Arqueológico del Molinete is one of the largest “outdoor archaeological museums” found in any Spanish city. This small museum contains a lot of information on the history of Cartagena, including remains from the Punic, Roman and Arab periods as well as others from the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. There is also a temple from the first and second centuries BC, defense walls from the Punic period, remains of Roman fortress, Part of the Deán or Felipe V wall (16th century), salt mills (17th century), modernist houses from the 18th century, etc.
Some of the most important remains that can be visited are:
  • Structures from the late Republican period.
  • Chapel dedicated to the Syrian Goddess Atargatis.
  • Area of Roman thermal baths, including the zone where users went in the water and exercised themselves. The floor of bricks positioned in herringbone is in great condition.
  • Portico 2-story building where ritual banquette celebrations were held.
  • Part of the forum, consider the political, economic, legal and social center of the Roman town.
  • Part of a temple dedicated to the Oriental goddesses Isis and Serapis.         
  • Section of Roman streets and pathways, some of which have traces of the cartwheels that rode on them.
Molinete Archaeological Park
Molinete Archaeological Park
Molinete Archaeological Park
Molinete Archaeological Park

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