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Mayor Palace

C/ Corregidor, 1
30800 Lorca, -Murcia- Telf:  968 466 003

Spanish name: Casa del Corregidor

Mayor Palace 18th - 20th Century. Baroque / Contemporary style
Until 1740 this building housed the Town Council which, when it transferred to the Plaza de España, granted the building to the Mayor. The Mayor was the King's representative in the town and in charge of providing justice, acting as a link between the Borough and the Crown, and making decisions on town planning, fairs and markets. Today it houses the law courts.

Of the original building survives a giant relief representing the princes Elio (Trojan) and Crota (Greek). This explains the old Roman name for the town: Eliocroca. Both princes bear the coat of arms of the Crown and the town, and between them is the sun, the emblem of Lorca. In the 20th century the building was fully renovated, incorporating features in different styles.

Mayor Palace
Mayor Palace
Mayor Palace
Mayor Palace


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