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Lorca Town Hall

Plaza de España, 1
30800 -Lorca- Telf:  968 479 700 / Company Website

Spanish name: Ayuntamiento de Lorca

Lorca Town Hall This was formerly the Royal Prison of the town and was seriously affected by the earthquake of 1674. The building was renovated and became the Town Hall.
The main facade has two galleries with round arches on narrow marble columns. In the centre there is a large arch on which we can see the figures of Justice and Charity, and a relief of Saint Joseph, defining, in the Baroque style, the governance of the aldermen of Lorca. 

Inside some of the features of note are the Cabildos Room, with its large oil paintings representing the main local military events; the Council Chapel, with its beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin; and a large collection of contemporary paintings.


Lorca Town Hall
Lorca Town Hall
Lorca Town Hall
Lorca Town Hall


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