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Lorca Casino

Calle Pio XII, 33
30800 Lorca -Murcia- Telf:  968 466 030

Spanish name: Casino de Lorca

Lorca Casino The upper classes of 19th century of Lorca needed a place where they could meet and be entertained, somewhere ideas could be exchanged and culture developed, a function of the building which remains to this day. The casino was built in 1885 on the site of the Old San Juan de Dios Hospital and is one of the most beautiful examples of eclectic architecture in the town.

Significant features inside of the casino include the entrante hall with its large skylight and imperial marble staircase, and a ballroom with furniture and decoration in a variety of styles, in keeping with tastes at the time, with muses from theatres, dance and music, as well as allegories to love and youth.

Lorca Casino
Lorca Casino
Lorca Casino

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