History & Culture

Jesus Nazareno Museum

Plaza de Arriba
30520 -Jumilla-

Spanish name: Museo Jesús Nazareno

Jesus Nazareno Museum Opening Hours:
Saturday: 11am /2pm
6pm /8:30pm
11am / 2pm

"Jesus Nazareno" brotherhood was founded in 1801 and nowadays has 8 fraternities. Its subject matter around brotherhood and religious art is expressed thorough the imagery and sanctuary architecture, including also others decorative arts cross, standards, tunics, lanterns, cloaks ect.

Ground floor: statue exhibition room.

First floor: procession cloths room

Basement: Mr.Roque Molera exhibitions and ceremonies room.

Jesus Nazareno Museum
Jesus Nazareno Museum
Jesus Nazareno Museum
Jesus Nazareno Museum

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