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Hisn Yakka Archaeological Site

Calle Niño Jesús, 8
30510 Yecla

Spanish name: Yacimiento Arqueológico de Hisn Yakka

Acceso al Yacimiento Arqueológico Hisn Yakka
Castle Hill. Islamic settlement from the 12th and 13th centuries.
The Yecla Castle, belonging to Western Al-Andalus, was built during the Muslim domination, between the Caliphate or Taifa periods in the 10th and 11th centuries. Around then the town's urban center began to grow in population under the name of “YAKKA”, word which in time evolved to its current name: ”Yecla”.
The main role of this “hisn” or fortress was to ensure the defense of local citizens. Archaeological excavations have led to the discovery of ten typical Hispanic-Moorish houses and buildings, with a central patio and rooms around it. The streets seemed to be structured, with health infrastructures allowing for waste water evacuation and drinking water supply. The “maqbara” or Islamic cemetery sat outside the settlement.


Acceso al Yacimiento Arqueológico Hisn Yakka
Yacimiento Arqueológico Hisn Yakka


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