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Graduate Schools of Cartagena

Calle Gisbert,
30380 -Cartagena-

Spanish name: Escuelas Graduadas de Cartagena

Municipal Schools

Escuelas Graduadas de Cartagena, considered the first training centers in Spain, sorted students based on their age and level. This approach differed from the previous model of unitary school. Construction of the building began in 1900, with works being directed by architect Tomás Rico Valarino. The building was inaugurated in 1903.

Masonry and brick were used in the outside of the building, with very stylized chains in the corners and window pillars. Part of the main axis was stylized whereas other parts, such as the facade and balconies, used artificial stone. Although there are some neomudéjar-style features in the building, overall, it is considered a rectangular, eclectic construction.


Municipal Schools
Municipal Schools
Municipal Schools
Municipal Schools
Municipal Schools

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