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Fontes House

Avenida de Fontes-Avenida Adolfo Suárez
30700 -Torre Pacheco-

Spanish name: Casa Fontes

Casa Fontes The facade of this 19th-century building located on the outskirts of Torre Pacheco, has the Torre Pacheco Marquisate family coat of arms, distinction give by King Carlos II to Macías Fontes and Carrillo de Albornoz, knight of Santiago.
The house, seasonal residence of the Fontes marquises, hosted large, distinguished parties. After being inherited by different family generations, the house was finally acquired by the local municipality, which undertook significant renovation works, some of which were nominated for a number of architecture awards due to its acceptance amongst regular citizens and architectural experts.
Casa Fontes
Casa Fontes
Casa Fontes
Casa Fontes


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