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Conservatory of Music Narciso Yepes

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Spanish name: Conservatorio de Música "Narciso Yepes"

Conservatory of Music "Narciso Yepes" Since 1995 the former College of la Purísima is the seat of the Conservatory of Music "Narciso Yepes". Founded in 1779 by the Abbot of the Collegial of Lorca, Arcos D. Francisco Moreno, opened in 1788. In 1789 he joined the University of Granada, validating studies in this school with those of the university.

In the center of the magnificent facade  are located Royal and founder Arcos shields on stone. On the front of the hall you can admire the Cabildo College shields,  the Bishop Abad Mirallas and founder.
During its restoration and rehabilitation for Music Conservatory various archaeological remains were discovered, quite natural thing to be the building located in the historic center and surrounded by monuments, and inside you can admire the remains of wall paintings of the twelfth century Arab and and other XIV, as well as assumptions about Arab baths.


Conservatory of Music "Narciso Yepes"
Conservatory of Music "Narciso Yepes"
Conservatory of Music "Narciso Yepes"

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