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Cierva Peñafiel School Group

Plaza Santo Domingo, 3
30008 Murcia

Spanish name: Grupo Escolar Cierva Peñafiel

Cierva Peñafiel School Group It was in 1909 when they drafted the project, although in November 1910 took place on laying of the foundation stone of the building, designed by architect from Murcia Pedro Cerdán, also author of the facade of the Royal Casino, which used a style that emphasizes the combination of masonry brick and white limestone, as well as the wide ledges.
The school Cierva Penafiel was built under most advanced type of its time, with six sections and 13 school units available, although an entire wing of the ground floor was occupied by the Murcian Choral Society Fernández Caballero.
Today, the school has 10 Cierva Penafiel units, 3 kindergarten with 75 students and 7 primary, with 166 students.
Cierva Peñafiel School Group
Cierva Peñafiel School Group
Cierva Peñafiel School Group

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