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Church of Santiago

Plaza de Santiago S/N
30800 Lorca -Murcia-

Spanish name: Iglesia de Santiago

Church of Santiago The original 16th century church was built on the site of a former hermitage also dedicated to the Patron Saint of Spain, Santiago, or Saint James, located where tradition has it that the Apostle preached when he came to the city on his way to Granada.

The church has undergone more renovation and reconstruction than any other religious building in the city as a resutl of successive damage cause by earthquakes and fires.

On the Baroque facade we can see the military and religious emblem of the Order of Saint James: a sword-cross adorned at the ends with fleurs-de lis representig the chivalric nature of the Saint. The interior of the church is a sober space with white wallls and simple gilded ornamentation.

Church of Santiago

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