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Cartagena Amphitheater


Spanish name: Anfiteatro de Cartagena

Anfiteatro Cartagena Large building erected to host shows half way through the 1st century BC. The architecture of this amphitheater, sitting on a river bed between the hills of Concepción (Mons Esculapio) and Antiguones (Mons Hefaistos), is typical of other Italian constructions. To build the amphitheater, one of the oldest constructions of its type in Spain, it was necessary to dismantle nearly the entire neighborhood of fundidores (Monte de Vulcano) during the Punic-Roman period.
In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Roman amphitheater was the best known monument of ancient Cartagena among experts. The Roman amphitheater is currently under restoration, the old bullring is being maintained, a new interpretation center for Roman monuments is being build and a contemporary art museum is being built, including an outdoor auditorium and over 4,000 square meters of exhibition area. 
Anfiteatro Cartagena
Anfiteatro Cartagena
Anfiteatro Cartagena
Anfiteatro Cartagena
Anfiteatro Cartagena

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