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Caño Square and Fountain

Plaza del Caño

Spanish name: Plaza y Fuente del Caño

Plaza y Fuente del Caño Along with the Plaza de España, this is one of the most traditional public spaces in all the town. In the past it was the place to go to get supplies of basic products such as meat, fish and vegetables, becoming known as the "Plaza de la Verdulería" (Greengrocer´s Square). The proximity of the old Town Council Rooms, later converted into the Mayor´s office, helped increase the affluence of the inhabitants of this area of Lorca.

Half way through the 19th century the water pipeline was extended to this square, having previously ended in the nearby main square. The square then took on its characteritic name and became a new reference point for town life.

Plaza y Fuente del Caño
Plaza y Fuente del Caño

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