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Caño Fountain

Rambla de Nogalte
Puerto Lumbreras

Spanish name: La Fuente del Caño

Cano Fountain The Caño Fountain has five spouts. Water is supplied from the Caño (Pipe) and Contracaño (Counter-Pipe) of the Nogalte dry riverbed. Non used water is driven to the pond. Before tap water arrived to houss this fountain was supplying water to the whole village both for human use and drinking trough for animals.

The fountain has changed location several times along the history of the village but it has always been placed around the wall of the right side of the Nogalte dry riverbed.

Water becomes a key element for the social and economic development of town and the "Caño" is a good example. It is one of the busiest places of town, with people constantly going back and forth who come here to collect water springing from the Rambla de Nogalte. Behind what we currently see there is a complex hydraulic system which meant the biggest hydraulic engineering work in the area in 1770.

Cano Fountain
Cano Fountain

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