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Bank Holidays in Cehegín


Spanish name: Días Festivos en Cehegín

Bank Holidays in Cehegín  January 1 National holiday. New Year
 January 6 National holiday. Epiphany of the Lord. 
 March 19 Regional holiday. Saint Joseph.
 April 2 Regional holiday. Easter Thursday 2015
 April 3 National holiday. Easter Friday 2015
 May 1 National holiday. Labor day.
 June 9 Regional holiday. Murcia's regional holiday
 August 15 National holiday. The Assumption.
 September 10 Local holiday.
ber 12 Local holiday.
 October 12 National Day of Spain or Hispanic Day.
 November 1 National holiday. All Saints Day.
 December 6 National holiday.  Constitution day.
 December 8 National holiday. Immaculate Conception.
 December 25 National holiday. Christmas day. 

Bank Holidays in Cehegín

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