Fuente Alamo

After being inhabited by different civilizations, Fuente Álamo as such was founded in 1520, once the Kingdom of Murcia was stabilized. According to historians, the name Fuente Álamo comes from the an old álamo (poplar) that drank from a nearby fuente (fountain) in the crossroad between Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca.

The highlights of the town's heritage are the church Iglesia de San Agustín, the chapel Ermita de San Roque and the olive oil mill Almazara de La Carraca, all built in the 16th century. It is also worth-mentioning Aljibón de Corverica, the largest underground reservoir in the Region of Murcia, with a 6-meter diameter and a 5-meter deep vault. In the lowest part of this construction there is a caption in old Spanish, which translated means: "I am the largest vault built by a caretaker; they all say I will fall, but I won't fall, no I won't. August 17, 1883."

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