Librilla The Arab geographer Al-Idrisi named this town in the 12th century: Lymbraya, meaning Ravine of Ghosts, a clear reference to the dry riverbed running through the town.

The 17th century Church of San Bartolomé, Casa del Marqués de Camachos and Casa de las Caballerizas are must-see places for visitors. On August 20-24, Librilla celebrates its festivities, when locals and visitors can enjoy Pitanzas, small round pieces of bread (around 200 grams) thrown by the thousands from the City Hall balconies. This unique Middle Ages tradition is the only one of this type in Spain.

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Town Hall
Iglesia de San Bartolomé
Caserón Marques de Camachos
Casa de Postas del Duque de Alba
Casa Herederos Chico de Guzmán
Villa Rosalía
Calle Luis Melendreras
Calle Maestro Espada
Rambla de Librilla. Rambla del Orón
Entrada a Librilla desde Alhama de Murcia
Camino casa Forestal los Ballesteros
Tren a su paso por Librilla
Casa Forestal Los Ballesteros
Entrada a Librilla desde Murcia. Avda. de las Fuerzas Armadas


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