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8º Festival Internacional de Perfomance Abierto de Acción.

From 31/01/13 to 9/02/13

Alicante, 31 Enero / 1 y 2 Febrero 2013
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Plaza de Sta. María, 3
Murcia, 8 y 9 Febrero 2013
Centro Párraga. C/ Madre Elisea Oliver, sIn.

Festival Abierto de Acción The 8th edition of the International Festival of Performance Abierto de Acción was organised by three of the cultural avant-garde of the current scene: the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA), The Cigar Contemporary Culture, both in Alicante, and the Center Párraga (research and development for the performing arts), in Murcia.

Abierto de Acción is a festival conceived by and for the study, development and knowledge of the performance, a booming artistic discipline difficult to access to the more traditional circuits. All participating artists and theorists in this eighth edition have extensive international experience in the field of performance, both in practise and in theory.


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Festival Abierto de Acción
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